Cape Coral donor circles

Cape Coral Community Foundation Donor Circles

Donor Circles are dynamic groups of Southwest Florida area philanthropists who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific topics. By collaborating, they can achieve greater impact by learning and giving together.

We currently support three grantmaking donor circles: Generous Couples, Giving Alliance of Women and Real Men Give. Anyone can contribute and become a philanthropist of a Donor Circle. Each Donor Circle award grants to organizations that are working to create sustainable change in that area of interest.

Donor Circles are not membership clubs. They are grant making funds comprised of participants who want to make impact grants to local and regional nonprofit organizations. There are no fundraising events. The contributors to the fund pool their donations together to provide grants to charitable organizations. Each Donor Circle receives administrative back office support from the Cape Coral Community Foundation to provide charitable tax deductions to donors and help facilitate grants to nonprofit organizations selected by the fund participants. Each Donor Circle has a Lead Fund Participant who serves as a liaison between the foundation and the donor circle.

Meet the Lead Fund Participants:
Kevin & Kimberly Morris, Generous Couples
Patricia Portman, Giving Alliance of Women
Dr. Don Neace, Real Men Give


Generous Couples

Kim Kevin Morris

Kevin and Kim Morris
Lead Fund Participants

“We believe couples who give together, grow stronger and stay in love,” said Kevin and Kimberly Morris. Kevin is pastor of Hope United Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers and Kimberly is an estate planning and personal injury attorney at Jones, Haber & Rollings in Cape Coral.

The concept behind Generous Couples is simple. Each couple brings a $1,000 check to one annual reception and votes for the nonprofits they feel should receive a grant. The goal is to recruit 25 couples ($1,000 each) who collectively give $25,000 and award the group’s grant at the Friends of the Foundation annual reception held each year in the spring. “It’s all about giving and loving together as couples – and giving back to the community,” Morris said. “Often times, due to scheduling conflicts and work commitments, couples end up giving apart from each other. We want to bring couples closer together.”

True love is about growing as a couple. Learning about each other, and loving and giving together.

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Giving Alliance of Women

Patricia Portman

Patricia Portman
Lead Fund Participant

Patricia Portman, Executive Director Emeritus, launched the Giving Alliance of Women on February 3, 2003. When Dario and Alice Zuljani (owners of Ariani’s Restaurant) were asked to open their doors to serve lunch for this group of women philanthropists, they didn’t hesitate.

Fifteen years later, Giving Alliance of Women is back stronger than ever! At the request of the Cape Coral Community Foundation board of directors, Patricia Portman is again leading the group she started while serving as the foundation’s Executive Director. The goals are the same as they were when the grantmaking fund was launched in 2003.

We invite all women to participate in this initiative and become informed strategist philanthropists. As a fund participant, you only need to make a $500 (or more) annual contribution. You will not be asked to participate in fundraising events. You will be a philanthropist, not a fundraiser. You will enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a cause-driven group of women philanthropists.

The goals of the Giving Alliance of Women:

  • To increase philanthropy in the community.
  • To involve women in strategic giving that produces lasting impact.
  • To serve as a catalyst for enduring change.
  • To build an endowment to benefit future generations.

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Real Men Give

Pastor Don Neace

Pastor Don Neace
Lead Fund Participant

The thought behind Real Men Give is that real men invest in the legacy of future generations by looking out beyond their sphere of influence. Under the umbrella of the Cape Coral Community Foundation, men have started their own donor circle to give $25,000 in grants to Southwest Florida nonprofits focused on scholarships and sports programs.

The concept behind Real Men Give is simple. Each man brings a $500 check to one annual meeting and vote for the nonprofits they feel should receive a grant. They set a goal to raise $25,000 and award the group’s first grant at the foundation’s annual ‘Friends of the Foundation’ reception.

“It’s all about giving back and making a bigger impact,” Dr. Neace said. “In the past, men have done the events through civic service and optimist clubs and burned themselves out with fundraising events.”

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