What is the Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation (TCF), The Global Center for Generosity, previously known as The Cape Coral Community Foundation (CCCF), is a nonprofit founded in Cape Coral, Florida. The Community Foundation works to bring meaningful solutions to the members of the community. By supporting honorable causes and delivering excellent stewardship of our partners’ charitable funds along with the wise investment of grants, we serve the greater Southwest Florida area and beyond. The Foundation exists to achieve the philanthropic goals of our donors by customizing giving options and making them accessible, easy, and cost effective while enriching Southwest Florida by connecting needs with generous giving.

How does the Foundation Function?

The Foundation receives contributions – large and small – from all sectors of the community. Through sound investments and effective management, we reinvest contributions in the form of grants to nonprofits working in and for the benefit of members of the Southwest Florida community. In addition, we deliver low cost administrative services to donors in order to continue building a permanent collection of endowed funds with the promise of supporting the philanthropic objectives of each donor.

Do you have to be wealthy to participate?

Absolutely not. The Community Foundation is built on the philosophy of “ordinary philanthropy” which encompasses all types of individuals. Our donations range from a few pennies to millions of dollars, and we gratefully receive each one.

What are the advantages of using The Community Foundation rather than a private foundation?

As the Center for Global Generosity, The Community Foundation offers a private foundation edition known as a Donor-Advised Fund. These funds are easy and inexpensive to establish and maintain; they deliver an annual tax deduction, provide access to nonprofits who need support, allow giving via stock options, closely held securities, insurance policies, real estate, and the like, lower administrative costs, allow anonymous giving, and create a legacy.

Why should I give through The Community Foundation instead of directly to the charity/charities of my choice?

Over time, your philanthropic goals may change, problems may be solved and agencies may close. Through The Community Foundation, you have the flexibility to give to a variety of philanthropic concerns, supporting different causes or changing your priorities. In addition, a permanent fund will safeguard the spirit of your gift as times and situations change.

I am interested in establishing a fund but some of my interests lie out-of-town. Can I recommend agencies/organizations beyond Southwest Florida?

Yes, you can. While we hope the bulk of the grants the Foundation makes support community efforts, we realize some of what has enriched our area has come from outside of Southwest Florida. With that in mind, we have several funds designated to support endowments for organization throughout the country.

As the Global Center for Generosity, we have donors who have established funds with The Community Foundation who live elsewhere, as well as donors who request their gifts go to their favorite organization across the country and around the world.

The Foundation’s Board believes through these efforts – grant-making, visionary leadership, and familiarity second to none – we can boost our community and make waves felt around the world.

Can The Community Foundation help me reduce my estate taxes?

Yes, we can. We have seen situations in which donors actually increased what they leave their heirs because of a philanthropic gift. Taxes can collect more than 50 percent of an estate before the heirs have access. With an IRA, 401K, or Keough, that amount is compounded. Through the Foundation, opportunities allow you to leave portions to benefit your heirs while supporting philanthropic goals as well.

How much does it cost to establish a charitable fund?

In order to establish most charitable funds, $5,000 is needed. To form a scholarship fund, $10,000 is required.

Can I establish an anonymous fund?

Yes, any gifts may remain anonymous.

Where can I find nonprofit organizations in Southwest Florida, learn about their mission, and donate directly?

Contact the office directly via email at cccf@capecoralcf.org or by phone at 239-542-5594.