You don’t have to be a Bill Gates, Oprah or Warren Buffett to be a philanthropist. The Cape Coral Community Foundation developed four distinctly different Donor Circles to facilitate community-based grant making. Its goal is to collectively grant $100,000 to Southwest Florida nonprofits.

Developed by philanthropists and donors who collectively pool charitable contributions to fund nonprofits, Donor Circles support long-term social change and foster stronger connections among its members.

Inspired to give together, the following groups intend on building better communities and leaving a lasting legacy:

  • Awesome Grandparents Grant Making Fund
  • Giving Alliance of Women Grant Fund
  • Next Generation Philanthropists Grant Making Fund
  • Real Men Give Grant Making Fund

If you’re looking for an active way to take ownership of real community issues, consider joining a Donor Circle today!

Awesome Grandparents

Led by Bill Johnson, retired business executive and community humanitarian, the Awesome Grandparents Donor Circle strives to support children and creative programs that keep seniors active, engaged in the community and thriving independently. To join, email

Next Generation Philanthropists

The Next Generation Philanthropists was established to cultivate the next generation of philanthropists to become active agents of change. This Donor Circle offers education and training for tomorrow’s business and civic leaders. Grants will support initiatives that nurture next generation leaders to become social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and nonprofit board members. To join, email

Real Men Give

Real Men Give was formed to rally the men of the community to support Southwest Florida nonprofits through grant making. The concept behind Real Men Give is simple. Each man contributes $500 and votes for the nonprofits they believe should receive a grant. The giving goal for this year is $25,000. Real Men Give motivates communities to come together and make a meaningful difference. To join, email

The Giving Alliance of Women

The Giving Alliance of Women was designed to inspire women in Cape Coral to become strategic philanthropists and to improve the lives of women and children through collective giving. Its goal is to support local charities with integrity, fiscal responsibility and respect for grant recipients. Each member of the Giving Alliance of Women contributes a minimum of $500 or more annually. This investment allows members to participate in two forms of philanthropy – collective grant making and endowment building. To become a member of the Giving Alliance of Women, contact

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