Give Generously. Give Privately.

Anonymous Donor logoIn recent years, anonymous donations have become the single best way for people to donate money to the charitable projects and causes they care about, while maintaining full protection of their privacy. The Anonymous Donor initiative, created by The Community Foundation (TCF), a global center for generosity, founded in Cape Coral, Florida, allows individuals and companies to easily send donations to charitable organizations they are passionate about while enjoying the full protection of their privacy. Donors also enjoy the benefit of remaining private and keeping their names and information off any call or email lists.

TCF helps donors carry out their charitable donations without anyone calling, texting, emailing, or interrupting their day to ask of them something they already plan to do; donate. How, might you ask? It’s a relatively simple process.

Anonymous Donors enjoy the benefit of remaining private and keeping their names and information off all lists.

First, a donor sends the donation to TCF, and TCF sends it straight along to the organization of their choice anonymously. By acting as the middleman, TCF can protect the privacy of the donor, as well as take the heavy lifting off their hands. There is a small fee for this service, but it is completely worth it, given this anonymous process ensures the donation gets to where it needs to go without any unwanted attention or possible associated backlash to the donor themselves.

Now that the donation has made it to the organization of choice, what happens next? At this point, the donor’s work is already done. If the receiving organization wants to extend their gratitude to the donor, they can send a thank you note to TCF and have it passed along to the donor; again, acting as that middleman to keep everyone’s privacy protected. TCF is sworn to secrecy, and no matter how many times an organization asks, the name and information of that anonymous donor will not be divulged.

The Community Foundation firmly believes in generosity and giving to others, but also understands the publicity and attention that can come along with the nonprofit world. With this anonymous donor service, you can ensure you are helping your favorite charity without any of the potential side-affects. Don’t believe us? In recent years, The Community Foundation has passed along over $600,000 in anonymous donations. That’s a lot of private generosity! Anonymous donors are the fastest growing segment of givers to nonprofits and charities; are you ready to join the movement?

The Community Foundation is ready to partner with you and send an anonymous donation on your behalf to nonprofits, churches, ministries, universities, and more.

If you would like to make an anonymous donation or start a private conversation, contact The Community Foundation, Global Center for Generosity in private below.
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