Nominations for the 2022 Charity Event Awards are now open.

The Charity Event Awards will be held April 5, 2022. The Community Foundation is now accepting nominations for outstanding individual and organizational efforts in the following categories:

    • We encourage you to submit as many nominations of your choice for as many categories as you wish. As long as you believe the company or organization qualifies, they are welcomed nominees!

      Corporate Citizenship Award
      This award recognizes the efforts of a company that has strived to have a positive impact on the community, upheld strong ethical and moral standards, and worked toward a sustainable future.
      Virtual Charity Event of the Year
      Putting a charity event on virtually is no easy feat so this category is for those who pulled it off seamlessly and delivered a virtual event to remember.
      Outstanding Events Team Award
      Any event worker can tell you there truly is no “I’ in team. This category is for the team that best worked together to deliver incredible charity events that made an impact.
      Best Overall Charity Event
      Sometimes, everything just comes together beautifully. This award is for the charity event that was firing on all cylinders and succeeded in a truly impressive way.
      Best Charity Event Caterer Award
      No great charity event is complete without some outstanding food to keep everyone energized. This category is for the catering team that best elevated charity events with their service.
      Up and Coming/Grassroots Award
      Everyone gets their start somewhere, so this award is for the organization/individual who started strong and is already well on their way. This award recognizes charities that are still building capacity with few or no staff and annual revenues less than $100,000.
      Best Creative Charity Event
      Did you organize a charity golf tournament, walk-a-thon, gala, or other specialty charity event? This category recognizes your efforts to organize unique, memorable charity events.
      Best Charity Event Support by a Marketing/PR Firm to Honor Priority Marketing
      Behind any successful charity is a PR or marketing firm that helped get the word out there. This category recognizes the vital contributions of a Marketing/PR Firm that provides support to nonprofit organizations to plan and host successful events that drive charitable impact and raise funds to fulfill the mission.

      *Special Note: The honoree/recipient for this Best Charity Event Support by a Marketing/PR Firm award is chosen in advance of the general “Charity Event Awards” nomination process. This award follows a separate and different selection process which is separate from the other seven categories. The award recipient for this category “Marketing/PR” category is chosen through a private survey sent to a select group of respected nonprofit executives who are active check writers to marketing and pr firms. The honoree/ recipient has demonstrated a proven track record of planning, hosting, marketing, promoting events on behalf of nonprofit organizations, as well as creating the marketing climate that drives revenue through sponsorships and ticket revenue.

      The honoree/recipient for the 2022 Charity Events Award for Best Charity Event Support by a Marketing/PR Firm is Priority Marketing.


All Nomination submissions are due by Tuesday, March 1st at 11:59pm. 

If you have any questions, please contact The Community Foundation here


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