Establish a Scholarship Fund

Have you ever thought of establishing a scholarship fund? Donors interested in this type of community contribution generally begin a scholarship in honor or in memory of a loved one. It’s an excellent way to help students further their education as well as honor someone special. When considering creating a scholarship fund, the following questions may apply:

  • What do I want to name the fund?
  • Do I want the fund to last into perpetuity (endowed)?
  • Do I want to target a particular field of study?
  • Do I care what college the student desires to attend?
  • Do I care which high school the student attends?

Donors who desire to establish a fund can contact The Community Foundation. The team is available to answer questions and help donors achieve their scholarship objectives. We will then prepare an agreement and the fund is created. This financial contribution is fully deductible from federal income tax. Be sure to consult your professional tax advisor.

Contact us at (239) 542-5594 or email to set up a scholarship fund or to ask questions.