The Global Center for Generosity provides a powerful professional development network catered to executive directors, development officers as well as other industry leaders. The invaluable resource provides ongoing support in order for individuals to perform their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively. The member-based program enables nonprofit partners to:

  • Raise more capital effectively and devise effective strategies for ongoing fundraising initiatives.
  • Recruit strong leaders to serve on the board of directors and attract a committed and loyal volunteer base.
  • Create long-lasting programs that become part of the fabric of a vibrant community.

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Our pledge for the future generations is to lead, promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy in creating a sustainable impact within our community through responsible giving. Please join us as we look to the future and build on our success for generations to come.
Brian Gomer

Nonprofit Partners Program benefits include:

  • A Two-Hour Strategic Coaching Session – Facilitated by a nonprofit expert for an individual nonprofit leader, board of director member or for a staff team catered to any subject matter.
  • Fundraising Institute – Hosted by Global Center for Generosity and a network of leading fundraising experts, members can attend seminars about how to raise money for overhead and administrative costs, corporate sponsorships, grants, major gifts, creative fundraising events, online fundraising, auctions and more.
  • Nonprofit Expo – Participation in the annual nonprofit expo to recruit board member candidates, volunteers and possible donors from new Cape Coral residents.
  • Speakers Bureau – Established to cultivate thought leadership, the speakers bureau allows nonprofit leaders the chance to bring their message to the community on a broader scale. Foundation supporters will be encouraged to book you or one of your key spokespeople to present at events in order to promote your organization’s mission. This is a fantastic way to connect directly with potential donors.
  • Profile in Foundation Newsletter – Share an overview of your organization and feature strategic activities with our newsletter subscribers, donors, program volunteers and board members.
  • Grants Partnership Program – This training allows nonprofit leaders to receive a comprehensive, concentrated introduction to the field, sets the nonprofit on the right track and helps to avoid the most common grant proposal mistakes. Nonprofit leaders learn to identify which tools help them find grant funders that are the perfect match!
  • Radio Show, Social & Digital Media Outreach – Be featured and interviewed on The Giving Show, hosted by Michael Chatman, with access to more than 300,000 radio listeners and philanthropy leaders. Receive a complimentary recording of the podcast to post on your website and share on social media, and be promoted on the Foundation website and newsletter.

Premium Membership: $1,000

For more information, call 239.542.5594 or email