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Success Stories
The future of the foundation is strong and vibrant, just like the community we serve. If you work, live or are in any way concerned about the quality of life in Cape Coral, then the Cape Coral Community Foundation is for you!
- Robert Biggs
2000-2001 Board Chairman
Our pledge for future generations is to lead, promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy in creating a sustainable impact within our community through responsible giving. Please join us as we look to the future and build on our success for generations to come.
- Brian Gomer
2015 Board Chairman
I was only eight years old when I moved to Cape Coral and there were only twenty-eight families here. Forty-six years later, there are now 160,000 people and I have had the opportunity to be part of the history of this great community. For all those who have been as fortunate as I have in making Cape Coral our home, it is important for all of us to give our support back to the community that we have enjoyed. ​
- Elmer Tabor
1998-1999 Board Chairman
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Transforming Our Community
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“As our region experiences significant growth, we will directly see a rise in generosity. The considerable impact of individuals’ collective efforts makes our community so special. The Foundation’s goal is to empower our community to realize its full potential and cultivate a new era of generosity for decades to come.”
– Michael Chatman
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