Typically in the form of a check, you can Start a Fund for any cause that matters to you. Cash gifts enable you to claim up to 50 percent as a tax deduction when you itemize, carrying forward the excess for up to five years.


Securities include publicly traded stocks or bonds, closely held stock, restricted stock, partnership interests, or mutual funds. In addition, securities offer additional tax advantages, deductible as full fair market value if you itemize deductions.

Real Estate

You can start a fund with the gift of a house or any personal residence as well as farms, commercial buildings, and land. This gift entitles you to a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the property and avoid capital gains taxes.

Retirement Plan Assets (IRAs)

A great way to give and save heirs from paying the inheritance, income, or estate taxes.

Life Insurance

If you no longer need a life insurance policy, you can donate it by simply adding the Foundation as your beneficiary.

Future Gift

View and download a quick guide to making a difference with a future gift through the Community Foundation. See the “Leave a Legacy” brochure below.