Our Grant Opportunities are now open.

The Community Foundation has identified the following focus areas for our 2022-2023 Grants. Our 2023-2024 Grant Cycle opened on September 5th and will close on September 30th. No Incomplete submissions, or any grant proposals received after 11:45pm on September 30, 2023 will be considered.

An organization may submit proposals in more than one initiative. However, only one (1) grant per organization will be awarded.


The Community Foundation (TCF) sends notices of the availability of grants to hundreds of nonprofit agencies and invites them to submit an online grant proposal. TCF Grants Committee extensively reviews all grant proposals. Beginning October 1st, all completed proposals will be reviewed and rated by each Grant Committee member.

Based upon final recommendations from the Grants Committee and approval by The Community Foundation Board of Directors, The Foundation staff will notify grant recipients of decisions at the end of November.


Eligible organizations within the Southwest Florida region include Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades and Sarasota counties. Organizations in these counties are encouraged to apply.

To qualify for a Foundation grant, an applicant must be a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and designated as such for at least two (2) years.

We seek to partner with organizations, projects, and initiatives that:

– Meet an important community need in Southwest Florida
– Can demonstrate past impact and strong potential of future impact
– Serve residents of, and expend funds fully in Southwest Florida
– Be a new program, expansion of an existing program, or a new or expanded collaborative effort of multiple nonprofit organizations
– Have a total project budget for The Community Foundation grant amount

What Makes a Successful Proposal?

While this list is not exhaustive, the Foundation considers applications with the following criteria in mind:

  • Fosters trust and civic participation in addressing a vital community need
  • Has a clearly outlined plan
  • Secures other sources of financial and in-kind support
  • Is viable in the long term and shows a plan for acquiring future fund

The Community Foundation does not discriminate based on race, religion, age, sexual preference, or national origin. Applicants for grants from TCF must hold similar standards. Grant applications from organizations known to have discriminatory policies will not be considered.

About The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation, previously known as the Cape Coral Community Foundation, is a vehicle for people of all means to make a lasting impact in their community and beyond. We build upon philanthropy efforts and strengthen society by encouraging endowments, addressing the public’s needs and providing community leadership.

At its core, The Community Foundation is an organization created with gifts from generous people committed to local causes. For donors, the Foundation serves as a philanthropic advisor. For the community, the Foundation serves as a grant maker and civic leader. Through the support of its donors and fund holders, the Foundation has been able to address some of the community’s most pressing needs, including hunger, veterans and education.


1) Seniors Initiative

Initiatives that help people in our region age successfully and remain healthy, informed and engaged. To help drive creative new ways to keep seniors productive and connected to their communities, The Community Foundation supports programs designed to help seniors live independently as they age.

The medical, social, transportation, housing and service needs of Lee County’s older citizens are intensifying just as resources to support them are in decline. To begin to meet this challenge, over the past five years The Community Foundation has placed a greater emphasis on organizations serving older adults.

The Senior Issues Initiative seeks to fund innovative organizations with impact-driven outcomes, ranging from employment and career retraining to fostering active and healthy lifestyles, behavioral health, affordable housing, promoting volunteerism and intergenerational social connection, and providing transportation options.

Organizations may request grants ranging from $5,000 to a maximum of $25,000 and the opportunity to renew the grants for two additional years.

2) The Advancing Mental Wellness Grant Program

The Advancing Mental Wellness Grant Program is designed to reduce the stigma of seeking mental-health treatment in the Southwest Florida region. Mental health needs are again identified as a high priority in our region.

Characteristics of successful applications include: a clear vision of the organization’s role in making a difference through mental health wellness, a demonstration of effectiveness through investment of time and personnel in measuring and planning for success, and a written plan for how the dollars will be used to advance mental health wellness; includes goals and methods to measure effectiveness.

Organizations may request grants ranging from $5,000 to a maximum of $10,000.

3) Community Impact Initiative

This grant initiative will award up to $5,000 for new or existing innovative proposals to address any of the focus areas listed under community impact.

a) Arts & Culture: Activities that strengthen the stability of arts organizations, make the arts accessible to low-income populations, enhance the understanding of all types of arts and humanities, and promote the appreciation or understanding of historical events.

b) Education: Activities that improve the educational attainment of children and adults, both in and out of the classroom; that support formally constituted educational institutions and organizations or entities that administer or support these institutions; that support libraries and organizations whose primary purpose is to provide opportunities for supplementing and continuing education outside the framework of formal education institutions; and that support organizations which provide education-related services to students and schools.

c) Environment, Recreation & Preservation: Activities that foster pollution control and abatement, protection and conservation of natural resources, botanic and horticulture, environmental beautification, preservation of open spaces, environmental education and outdoor survival, protection and welfare of animals, human societies, wildlife preservation and protection, veterinary services, zoos and aquariums, and specialty animal services. Improving and promoting recreational and leisure activities, parks, and community sporting events and activities.

d) Health & Wellness: Activities that improve and promote health outcomes; general and rehabilitative health services; mental health; crisis intervention; associations or services associated with specific diseases, disorders, and medical disciplines; and medical research.

e) Human Services: Activities that maximize the functioning of special needs populations in mainstream society; that protect the public (crime and delinquency prevention, legal administration, legal services); that promote and support employment and jobs, food and nutrition, agriculture, housing and shelter, public safety, and disaster preparedness and relief; and that support child daycare programs, firefighting and police activities, and programs of community centers.


a. If you need further explanation about submitting documents, please make sure you have discussed your request with The Community Foundation staff before submitting your application. Applications and attachments can be submitted through the online application portal at: www.capecoralcf.org

b. Attachments (these materials must be uploaded for all grants through the online application portal)

  • IRS Letter of Determination or W-9
  • Most Recent Copy of 990 and audited financial report

(If a charitable nonprofit is small and has not conducted an audit due to the cost, the nonprofit will be allowed to submit a more affordable method of evaluating the nonprofit’s financial position, such as an “independent accountant review to certify financial statements. Example of such document can be found at https://www.dsbcpas.com/services/accounting/review/reviewopinion.html ).

  • List of your Board of Directors and their Occupations
  • Mission Statement and Policy Statement on Nondiscrimination
  • Current year operating budget (Projected Support and Expenses)
  • Most Recent Strategic Plan
  • Program or Project Budget
  • Letters of support (optional)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Any questions regarding the grant application process should be directed to Sybil Ackerman at: grantsadmin@capecoralcf.org.

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