Empowering Leaders to Attract More Money for Ministry

Now more than ever, churches and faith-based organizations are seeking opportunities to maximize the potential generosity of their donors while empowering a network of servant leaders. The Community Foundation introduced “More Money for Ministry” to help teams share best practices, utilize combined resources and foster ideas to bring greater spiritual impact.

Our strategy is simple:

  • Expose leadership team to generous living principles that result in more donors and volunteers.
  • Coach leaders to develop plans and practices that create a generous culture in the church or ministry organization.
  • Resource leaders through partnerships with funding organizations that add value to their ministry.
  • Expand your impact and grow your ministry through a permanent source of funds.

To join this powerful program, contact the Global Center for Generosity today to help get your faith-based leaders on track to attract funding opportunities and grow generosity within your communities and beyond! For just $500, contact The Community Foundation at 239-542-5594 or cccf@capecoralcf.org to secure specialized training and development for your key leadership.