Social entrepreneur Leigh Clark joins ‘Next Generation Philanthropists’

The Next Generation Philanthropists was established to connect, cultivate and inspire the next generation of philanthropists to become change agents in their communities – and provide education and training for the next generation of business and civic leaders.  Grants will support initiatives that prepare next generation leaders to become social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and nonprofit board members. The grantmaking fund of Next Generation Philanthropists set a goal to raise $25,000 and award the group’s first grant after the first year. Each member donates $500 annually.

Leigh Clark is the newest member.  Whether it’s covering the bridge toll of the driver behind her, dropping off crayons and coloring books to the children’s hospital or paying off someone’s layaway – Leigh operates on the principles of generosity and love. Calling upon her business acumen and creative spirit, Leigh recently opened a painting company, named Kindleigh, to help cover the monetary costs. Here, she creates the artwork which she sells at both local and online stores, and also coordinates her efforts with non-profit organizations to develop fundraising events. Dubbed as “paintings with a purpose,” her one-of-a-kind works display motivational phrases and bright colors that are meant to inspire others to embrace the beauty in life and perform their own acts of kindness.


Leigh lives, paints and performs many of these acts of kindness in Cape Coral, FL, where she and her husband James reside. She and James have a baby boy, two Boston terriers and a cat. Her hobbies include music and photography. She is also in marketing sales for a well-known Fortune 500 software company.


To join the Next Generation Philanthropists, call (239) 542-5594.

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