HBKS Wealth Advisor Dean Piccirillo shares why he supports Cape Coral Community Foundation

“As a local professional involved in the business and nonprofit community in Southwest Florida, I am well aware of the great work the Foundation has done and continues to do on a regional basis,” says Dean Piccirillo, Principal Senior Financial Advisor for HBKS Wealth Advisors.
“I am also very excited about some of the new initiatives begun by this board of directors as they look to build upon the Foundation’s long history of success by broadening the Foundation’s reach, looking for opportunities to partner with other like-minded institutions, leveraging resources to benefit our community on a national and perhaps global basis and educating nonprofits and other worthy organizations in Cape Coral and around Southwest Florida.”
Piccirillo currently serves a member of the Foundation’s Investment Committee, reviewing the investment portfolio’s asset allocation, performance, underlying money managers, due diligence on those managers, and our consultant’s capital market outlook. As such, Dean was involved in the search for the Foundation’s current investment advisor. In addition, Dean and his wife, Monica, are donors and Foundation supporters.
“Personally, the volunteer work I have done with the Cape Coral Foundation has been very rewarding to me and provided me with an opportunity to leverage my professional education and experience for an institution that means so much to Cape Coral and to the broader community in Southwest Florida,” states Piccirillo. “Further, my wife, Monica, and I have been inspired by the new entrepreneurial spirit we see at the foundation and the desire to make a significant impact not just in Cape Coral but on a regional and national basis.”

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