In 2007, the Elmer Tabor Award was established by the Cape Coral Community Foundation with the purpose of recognizing outstanding philanthropists in our community, those who have a record of exceptional generosity, show civic and charitable responsibility, and demonstrate leadership that inspires others to a life on generosity.

Nominations are now being accepted for the Elmer Tabor Generosity Award. Each nomination may also be accompanied by one or two letters of support from as many as two additional persons who are personally familiar with, and can support in writing, the deeds of the nominee.

Criteria for the Award

Nominees may be full or part-time residents of Lee County who have demonstrated generosity through their actions as well as financial commitments.

Nominations may be submitted by an individual, a group, or through self-nomination. All nominations will require an essay of up to 300 words describing why the nominee should be elected and explaining how the nominee has demonstrated generosity. One or two letters of recommendation are also requested.

Suggestions for a strong nomination:

  • Show excitement and enthusiasm for your nominee
  • Describe how his or her efforts have encouraged others
  • Explain how the individual serves the mission of the Cape Coral Community Foundation
  • Impact matters

The selection committee shall consider:

  • All people in Lee County, regardless of age, race, sex, or religion
  • The visibility of the person in the community so that others will be inspired by his or her leadership in generosity
  • That because the award recognizes the human factor in philanthropy and generosity, the quality of the recipient’s personal involvement with others in need of assistance or support will be carefully considered

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