About This Event

The 2019 Southwest Florida’s Most Inspirational & Innovative Health Leaders was a celebration of influencers and future-thinkers in the healthcare sector.

This award was established by the Healthcare Innovators Fund at The Community Foundation in partnership with the whole clinician community as part of a larger vision of regional partnership and community building.

Each of our Most Inspirational & Innovative Health Leaders has been identified and confirmed by their peers as being a top achiever, influencer and future-thinker who performs their duties with integrity and honesty and who makes a substantial impact in Southwest Florida. These exceptional future-thinkers have a proven track record in healthcare while also dedicating their time, talent and treasure to philanthropic endeavors to enrich the community.

Congratulations to the following physicians and health leaders who were awarded at the event:

  • Dr. Tom Davis, National Speaker on the Future of Healthcare
  • Dr. Alan Gruning, International Center for Health and Wellness
  • Dr. Niki Varveris, PhysioNetics
  • Mrs. Laura Preuss, Mom accepting award for Dr. Christy Swanson, DMD
  • Dr. Rick Palmon, Southwest Florida Eye Care
  • Dr. Susan Hook, Samaritan Health and Wellness Center Cape Coral
  • Dr. Luis Cortes, Hope Hospice
  • Dr. Hazem Matta, Radiology Regional
  • Gerriann Meandro, PA, Florida Cancer Specialists
  • Dr. Craig Sweet, Specialists in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
  • Dr. Brett Shannon, Pediatric Orthopedics of Southwest Florida
  • Dr. Lea Blackwell, Blackwell Breast Surgery
  • Dr. Biju Thomas, Surgical Specialist of Southwest Florida

Special thank you to our guest speaker, Dr. Tom Davis, who spoke to the group about The Future of Healthcare: Celebrating Future-Thinking Physicians.

To view more photos from the event, click here.