We can accomplish more together than we can ever accomplish alone. And so we invite you to join us – sharing in community building with us. Even a single dollar can make a difference when we all join together to impact our community for generations to come.

Giving not only benefits the recipient, but also the giver – whether you donate money, time, or your abilities.

According to the Giving USA Foundation, charitable donations in 2015 reached an all-time high of $373.25 billion, yet needs are still present and need to be met. You could be part of the change, part of the solution, part of the difference – making the world a better place with your gifts!

The historical adage, “It is better to give than to receive” still holds true today as it did in the first century when the words were first spoken. You, by your gifts, can make a positive change in the world by simply helping those in your community. Giving, no matter the size of the gift, makes a difference for those who need your help, and for you. Numerous studies have shown that giving to the community, brings the giver increased self-esteem and better health – so maybe the question should be “Why not you?”

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Our pledge for the future generations is to lead, promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy in creating a sustainable impact within our community through responsible giving. Please join us as we look to the future and build on our success for generations to come.
Brian Gomer
2014 Board Chairman

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