Though giving is at an all-time high, community needs across the country and the globe are always a step ahead. Your gift NOW can make the difference in the life of members of your own community.

At some time in your life, you have likely been the recipient of some type of help, it might have been having a physical, financial, or spiritual need met. That aid may have come from a compassionate friend, family member, or complete stranger – either way the one who offered his or her support was likely motivated by the desire to help make a positive change in your life.

Today, you, are surrounded by individuals who need your help and you can be the change for them – making a difference in the lives of the Cape Coral Community – NOW!

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Our pledge for the future generations is to lead, promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy in creating a sustainable impact within our community through responsible giving. Please join us as we look to the future and build on our success for generations for generations to come.
Brian Gomer
2014 Board Chairman

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