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Michael’s Tips On Raising Generous Kids

With Christmas approaching, we all enjoy doing things for our children – buying them something special, taking them to an amusement park, throwing a great party. At the same time, though, many of us fear that without some balance, some children will grow up thinking only of themselves. Read More

How to Attract VIP Donors

As competition for the charitable dollar heats up in Lee County, nonprofits are asking some very fundamental questions about new ways to raise funds to support their missions. At The Community Foundation, we have knowledge and experience on how to create the perfect VIP donor event.Read More

Giving Goes Way Beyond Money or Things

If you own a business, have you considered how you can get your employees more involved in giving back to the community? Or, if you are an employee, maybe you’d like to inspire the leadership and fellow employees at your company to incorporate more generosity at work.Read More

A Look At Fundraising And Board Members

Fundraising and board members is a hot topic. And based on conversations with weary executive directors and fundraising professionals, there’s not a lot of bragging going on about board members engaged in fundraising. It’s risky to draw concrete conclusions from so small a pool.Read More

Choosing The Best Philanthropy Advisor

At The Community Foundation, we work with professional advisors, such as financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys. One thing we’ve observed is the invaluable role that the right advisor can play in helping people make the most of their giving.Read More