In 2007, the Elmer Tabor Award was established by the Cape Coral Community Foundation with the purpose of recognizing outstanding philanthropists in our community, those who have a record of exceptional generosity, show civic and charitable responsibility, and demonstrate leadership that inspires others to a life of generosity.

In addition to Elmer Tabor, other recipients include Dave Gomer, Mary Lou Griffith, Tom Giles, Barbara Watt-Biggs and Bob Biggs, Boots and Earle Tolles, and Paul Sanborn. Each of these recipients are generosity advocates – bringing awareness to the Foundation’s non-profits and social services organizations.

The Tabor Award Winner for 2017 is Michel Doherty who has worked diligently in the development of substance abuse treatment programs in conjunction with Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan. In her honor, the “Michel Doherty Friends of the Foundation Fund” was formed and will serve to drive the Foundation’s strategic leadership initiatives.