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Tips on Giving Wisely

Budget for giving.

Plan your charitable giving right into your budget just as you would other financial obligations.

Be an informed giver

Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are asked to give, including the specific name of the solicitor and his or her relationship to the organization, how much of your gift will be used for overhead, the specific projects the money will go toward, and other important information. If you are not sure of the tax-exempt status of the charity you want to support, the Community Foundation is happy to research it for you. Give only when you feel comfortable that your dollars will be going to support an organization you know and believe in.

Keep the right records

For gifts you make to your charitable fund at the community foundation, you will receive from us a properly worded receipt as a confirmation of these tax-deductible contributions. Gifts made from your fund will be recognized with a receipt, as you have already received the deduction and thank you for the original gift.

Ask about matching gifts

Many employers match gifts made by their employees and retirees, or make grants to organizations recommended by employees. Be sure to ask your company if it can help your gift to stretch even further.

Remember, your gift can be confidential

If you prefer to have gifts from your charitable fund remain confidential, please let us know.

Consider alternative forms of giving

Do not overlook the benefits you and your cause can receive from bequests, gifts in kind, endowments and many other creative forms of giving. Ask your tax advisor or attorney to help create the best plan for you and your family.


In addition to financial support, consider giving your time and skills. Not only will you help the organization, but you will also make contacts, honor your skills, and learn more about the charitable cause to which you are committing your time and money.

Don’t forget you have the right to say no

Give generously when you can, but if you are unsure or feel uncomfortable, or if an organization simply falls outside your plan for giving, do not be afraid to say no. Or, ask for more information and take more time to think before making your decision.

Be a proactive giver

You do not have to wait to be asked. Plan a giving strategy in advance. Consult with our staff about how your gifts can be most effectively used and where you can make a real difference in the community.

We’re here to help

We are here to help you with all aspects of your giving. If you have questions about charitable giving that have not been answered in this section, please contact us.

Resources on Family Philanthropy

Cathedral Within: Transforming Your Life by Giving Something Back.

This book features stories of extraordinary people who have used their private resources to improve public life.

Author: William H. Shore / Publisher: Random House / Date Published: 1999 / Price: $15.00 / 294 pages / To order call 888.860.6101 or order online at

The Charitable Impulse: Wealth and Social Conscience in Communities and Cultures Outside the U.S .

This collection of essays explores how societies around the world have successfully cultivated the compassionate values that lead to private generosity and public benevolence.

Author: James A. Joseph / Publisher: Foundation Center / Date Published: 1989 / Price: $24.95 / 210 pages / To order call 212.620.4230 or order online at

Conscience & Community: The Legacy of Paul Ylvisaker.

Few can inspire a generation the way that educator and philanthropic advisor Paul Ylvisaker did. This former foundation trustee has been described as the heart and soul of organized philanthropy. This collection of his essays, speeches, and articles touches on philanthropy, education, urban issues, and community.

Editor: Virginia M. Esposito / Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing / Date Published: 1999 / Price: $35.00 / 392 pages / To order call 202.293.3424 or order online at

Faith and Family Philanthropy: Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity.

How does faith inspire and shape family philanthropy? How can giving become a spiritually fulfilling experience? These questions and others are addressed in this groundbreaking guide.

Editor: Joseph Foote / Publisher: National Center for Family Philanthropy / Date Published: 2001 / Price: $45.00 / 122 pages / To order call 202.293.3424 or order online at

Family Issues.

Using real-life stories and family systems theory, this guide provides helpful perspectives around topics such as understanding family dynamics, bringing on the next generation, and determining who is family.

Author: Deanne Stone / Editor: Virginia M. Esposito / Publisher: Council on Foundations / Date Published: 1997 / Price: $65.00 / 141 pages / To order call 888.239.5221 or order online at

Family Wealth Counseling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Authors: E.G. “Jay” Link and Peter F. Tedstrom. A Professional Mentoring Program, 1999. To order, call 1-888-736-7201 or go to .

The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others.

This guide is designed to help parents teach children, from toddlers to teens, how to use their time, talent, and, money to help others. It explains how parents, teachers, religious leaders and other adults can instill the spirit of giving and volunteering in children. This book provides tips, exercises, and resources that are easy to use in any home.

Author: Susan Crites Price / Publisher: Council on Foundations / Date Published: 2001 / Price: $19.95 / 120 pages / To order call 888.239.5221 or order online at

Harvard Manual on Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving.

This comprehensive legal compendium provides guidance on donor options, tax law, and other related issues.

Author: Carolyn M. Osteen and David M. Donaldson / Publisher: Harvard University

The Healing Power of Doing Good

Authors: Alan Luks and Peggy Payne. Fawcett Press, 1991.

Inspired Philanthropy: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan, 2nd Edition.

This workbook provides advice on creating an effective giving program for donors with a few hundred dollars to give away, or those with a few million dollars. A mixture of philanthropic philosophy, personal accounts of how individuals have handled their giving, and exercises that lead you through the gift-making process.

Authors: Tracy Gary and Melissa Kohner / Publisher: Jossey Bass / Date Published: 2002 / Price: $24.95 / 304 pages / To order call 800.956.7739 or order online at

Investment Issues for Family Funds: Managing and Maximizing Your Philanthropic Dollars

Written for trustees and advisors, this resource addresses the broad array of issues involved in developing a set of investment policies and practices for your philanthropy, including spending policies, investment guidelines, time horizon, mission-related investing, and risk tolerance.

Editor: Jason C. Born / Publisher: National Center for Family Philanthropy / Date Published: 1999 / Price: $45.00 / 169 pages / To order call 202.293.3424 or order online at

Resources for Family Philanthropy: Finding the Best People, Advice and Support

This is a compilation of essays that offers family philanthropies guidance in reviewing and evaluating available resources. It addresses topics such as managing your family’s philanthropy, selecting and working with consultants and legal and investment advisors, and locating and connecting with the larger world of philanthropy.

Editor: Joseph Foote and Claude O. Norcott / Publisher: National Center for Family Philanthropy / Date Published: 1999 / Price: $45.00 / 128 pages / To order call 202.293.3424 or order online at

Smart & Caring: A Donor’s Guide to Major Gifting

Authors: Richard and Linda Livingston. To order, call The Community Foundation (303) 442-0436.

Teaching Your Kids to Care

Author: Deborah Spaide. Replica Books, 1995.

Voyage of Discovery: A Planning Workbook for Philanthropic Families

This resource provides a series of discussion questions to assist families thinking about the future of their giving programs. It includes discussion of key aspects of the planning process, and ideas for putting a plan in action.

Author: Judith K. Healey / Publisher: National Center for Family Philanthropy / Date Published: 2001 / Price: $55.00 / 60 pages
To order call 202.293.3424 or order online at

Wealth In Families

This helpful reference examines a series of fundamental questions surrounding wealth and its effects on family. The book places special emphasis on the value of family philanthropy, and includes several case studies of real families.

Author: Charles W. Collier / Publisher: Harvard University / Date Published: 2001 / Price: $15.00 / 127 pages / To order call 617.495.5040 or order online at


Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a biweekly newspaper on philanthropy, grant-making and the nonprofit field. Call (800)728-2810 or

Council on Foundations

The Council is a membership organization of over 2000 grant-making foundations and giving programs worldwide. The Council provides extensive information and publications to help families with philanthropy, working either through their own private foundation or through community foundations. Call (202) 466-6512 or visit

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is dedicated to researching, organizing, and disseminating information about U.S. philanthropy trends and resources.

Guide Star

Guide Star is a national database of U.S. charitable organizations that gathers and distributes data on more than 850,000 IRS-recognized nonprofits. Visit

National Center for Family Philanthropy

This center is dedicated to encouraging families and individuals to create their own philanthropic missions through research, presentations and educational materials. Call 202-293.3421 or visit

National Planned Giving Design Center

This website encourages charitable giving by cultivating relationships among community professionals and financial advisors. Visit